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North Carolina
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Indianapolis, Indiana
Why Invest In Indianapolis?
- Population 1,905,981
- Known as the crossroads of America
- Projected population growth of 15% per year until 2050
-Cost of living index is 11% lower than midwest averages
- Ranks #1 business climate in Midwest, #6 in the U.S.
- Ranking #1 in pass-through highways
Memphis, Tennessee
Why Invest In Memphis?
- Population 1.3 Million Residents
- Located on the banks of the Mississippi River
- Home to Graceland (Elvis' Estate)
- Birthplace of Rock'n Roll
- Home to the busiest air cargo airport in the world
- 5 Class 1 rail systems
- Over 300 trucking companies
Orlando, Florida
Why Invest In Orlando?
- Center of the Orlando metropolitan area with a population of over 2.3 million people 
- As the theme park capital of the world it draws more than 68 million visitors a year
- Home to over 100 lakes
-According to Forbes, Orlando is one of the top 3 Markets in America to invest in 
Charlotte, North Carolina
Why Invest In Charlotte?
- Population 842,051
- The largest city in North Carolina
- 3rd fastest growing major city in the United States
-Corporate headquarters of Bank of America
-East coast operations of Wells Fargo. 
-Second largest banking center in the United States.
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